Our Commitment to Quality Lands Us Partnership In Brazil

Quality is everything to us.

Our commitment to quality starts the moment we plant our clone seedlings into the ground until the resulting products are shelf-ready and on their way to you.

This is represented in our Root-to-Retail commitment to our customers and the industry. It is one of the ways we assure quality.

Our Root-to-Retail system is briefly explained in this video:


Being champions of quality has earned us notoriety and partnership with other pioneers in the CBD health world—namely, MEDRA BRASIL.

MEDRA BRASIL is a Brazilian company representing and distributing premium quality cannabidiol products. Like us, MEDRA is committed to strict quality assurance.

MEDRA’s mission aligns with ours: To provide high-quality products to the Brazilian market and actively de-bureaucratize access to treatment and promotion of information about CBD, connecting physicians and patients to ensure continuity of treatment.

In our partnership, our root-to-retail control processes from planting, extraction, formulation, and packaging convey directly to them because it is our farm and our processes every step of the way. That’s saying a lot considering Brazil treats CBD products as pharmaceuticals.

As the exclusive CBD supplier to MEDRA, HOH CBD has completed the first phase of a rigorous certification process through ANVISA.

ANVISA is the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) linked to the Ministry of Health, part of the Brazilian National Health System.

ANVISA’s role is to protect the Brazilian population’s health by overseeing and assuring the execution of product control and health regulations relative to the ingredients, technologies, and use of healthcare products and services.

In a nutshell, Brazil holds in high regard the quality by which we run our company and execute our CBD processes. The fact that each of the steps in our process involves third-party testing is also a rarity in U.S. CBD companies and another reason we are now supplying product to Brazil via MEDRA.

Lastly, though their focus is on health, MEDRA sees the value in a company capable of supplying premium products in all areas of wellness, beauty, relief, relaxation/sleep, and even pets.

At HOH CBD, we believe that any product that goes into or onto our bodies deserves to entail CBD as a vital ingredient for living our best, healthiest, and most fulfilled lives.

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